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A Wellness for Eternity

One of the most overlooked branches of the gospel is the one the spirit of prophecy calls the right arm of the gospel.  The health and wellness of the people of God should be as distinct as the complete system of truth that God in his infinite wisdom has given the Seventh-day Adventist church. “When properly conducted, the health work is an entering wedge, making a way for other truths to reach the heart. When the third angel's message is received in its fullness, health reform will be given its place in the councils of the conference, in the work of the church, in the home, at the table, and in all the household arrangements. Then the right arm will serve and protect the body”. {6T 327}

God’s desire for us is to return to our previous state before sin, so he has given us the methods to accomplish that and one method or avenue is the message of health reform.  Many do not see the connection but it is vitally connected. “In order to render to God perfect service, you must have clear conceptions of His requirements. You should use the most simple food, prepared in the most simple manner, that the fine nerves of the brain be not weakened, benumbed, or paralyzed, making it impossible for you to discern sacred things, and to value the atonement, the cleansing blood of Christ, as of priceless worth.” {2T 46}

There are many instances and principles in the word of God that speak directly to health reform and spirituality; there are also many many quotes in the spirit of prophecy  that spell it out even further. Another point to remember is the day that we as the remnant people of God are living in. We are living in the anti- typical day of atonement and because we are, we have to go to the Bible and get an accurate view  that can guide us on how we should conduct ourselves on the day of atonement. It is clear on that day because of the magnitude of the outcome which was whether you remained with God’s chosen people (representative of being saved) or you were banished from the camp (representative of being lost) the Israelites made sure that every sin had been confessed and that the blood was on the curtain before the day of atonement. Also they fasted on that day as well as the days leading up to as well to bring the body into subjection so as not to commit sin.  It should be the same for us today though we cannot fast for a lifetime our diets should reflect a type of fast thus going back to eating simple foods prepared in a most simple way so as not to injure the body, benumb the brain, and spiritually blind us to the requirements of the Creator.