We at Apocalypse Ministries thank you for your continued support in our efforts to spread the gospel of the "Three Angels Messages" to the entire world. Be assured that your donations will be used as efficiently and effectively as possible. All donations are tax deductible. There are several projects in the works the coming year. We feel strongly that the time has now come to not only try and awake God's remnant church, but also to begin in earnest to reach the "other sheep not of this fold." Our efforts in this direction have culminated in producing the DVD series entitled "The Mark Of The Beast".   Our plans by the grace of God are to produce and distribute several hundred thousand sets of this series all around the world, and run ads in various media to request the DVD. The time is late, and all that can be done must be done quickly. Keep this project in your prayers. In the meantime we will continue our efforts to reach the "Lost Sheep Of the House Of Israel." Our efforts in this direction will consist of many avenues, but we want to direct your attention to one major project in this area: "THE APOCALYPSE CHANNEL." The "Apocalypse Channel" can be a major tool to get the real historic "Three angels messages" to God's professed people before it is everlasting to late. With this channel we can get around the walls of restrictions{seeTM-411} that Satan has set up to prevent the "REAL TRUTH" from getting to the people. We will only air the "STRAIGHT TESTIMONY" on this channel. There will be no watered down messages. We therefore not only need your financial support, but we need your "VIEWING SUPPORT." Please watch the channel yourself and please tell several friends. We are depending on you to help us get the word out. As God continues to open doors for us to expand the broadcast we would like to take this channel world wide.  Thank you in advance for your support of these projects. 


Brother Mason


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